5 Tips To Make Your Distributed Agile Teams Work
5 Tips To Make Your Distributed Agile Teams Work

Distributed Software Development brings us myriad benefits, comprising access to experts, fewer development charges, teamwork, better productivity, etc.

Here are 5 quick tips that can support you manage distributed agile teams successfully:

Assign Business Tasks Equally

While working with distributed agile teams, you need to assign the effort uniformly to remote teams of software companies in uae situated at diverse locations. The tasks allotted completely can be more or less based on the person’s capability and expertise.

Use Top Communication Tools For Communication

One of the indispensable factors while working remotely includes better communication and association between teams. Teams of software company dubai occupied in varied locations must co-operate to serve a shared purpose or achieve a precise goal. Conduct regular meetings and planning sittings to keep the team interactive and act as a team.

Consistent Project Status Reports

Understanding explicit goals are one of the noteworthy challenges remote teams often face while working in distributed environments of a software company in uae. So you should monitor that project status reports are uploaded consistently. You can utilize agile project management tools like Jira to observe the project progress.

Outsourcing Agile Teams

Outsourcing is one of the finest choices you can pick nowadays for improved productivity and corporate growth. A skilled agile team is mandatory for agile conversion.

Outsourcing saves your time, resources, and investment needed to train the agile teams and provides you with an experienced team thereby taking your business to the next level.

Analyse Code Quality

Agile leaders must track the code quality brought by the remote teams. It is often tough to measure the quality of code and progress of the project. In such case, you can use integration tools for monitoring the project quality and employ pair programming for improved code quality