A Brief Note on Agile Software Development
A Brief Note on Agile Software Development

Agile is a time-bound, periodic approach to software delivery that structures software progressively from the beginning of the project, rather than trying to deliver all at once.


Why Agile?

Technology in this modern era is evolving faster than ever, enforcing worldwide software companies in UAE to work in a fast-paced fluctuating environment. Because these businesses are functioning in an ever-changing environment, it is difficult to gather a complete and profound set of software requirements. Without these requirements, it becomes practically tough for any standard software model to work.

The conventional software models such as Waterfall Model that rely on completely marking the requirements, designing, and testing the system are not geared towards fast software development. As a result, a conventional software development model misses delivering the requisite product.

This is where Agile Software Development Company turns up to the rescue. It was particularly designed to curate the wants of the quickly changing environment by encompassing the concept of incremental development and develop the real end product.


Let’s now look into the principles on which the Agile has laid its foundation:

·         The top priority is to gratify the client through early and constant delivery of valuable software.

·         It accepts changing requirements, even late in development.

·         Deliver functioning software regularly, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference for the small timescale.

·         Build projects around enthusiastic individuals. Giving them the atmosphere and the backing they need, and trusting them to get the work done.

·         Working software is the prime measure of advancement.

·         The most proficient and active method of transferring information to and within a development team is the direct discussion.

Development in Agile

Here’s a brief overview of how development happens in Agile philosophy.


·         In Agile development, Design and Implementation are regarded as the principal activities in the software process.

·         The design and Implementation phase also integrates other activities such as requirements analysis and testing into it.

·         In an agile methodology, iteration occurs across activities. Therefore, the requirements and the design are developed collectively, rather than independently.

·         The distribution of requirements and the design planning and development as implemented in a series of increments. In contrast with the conventional model, where requirements gathering needs to be finished in order to advance to the design and development stage, it gives Agile development an additional level of flexibility.

·         An agile process emphasis more on code development instead of documentation.


Agile is a framework that outlines how software development should be done properly. Agile is not a single method, it represents the several groups of methods and practices that follow the value statements given in the manifesto. Many software companies in Dubai using Agile method