Does Agile Work with Distributed Teams?
Does Agile Work with Distributed Teams?

Agile is entirely about project management with the features including attentive software development project teams, outstanding team understanding about the periodic jobs with everyday communication with stakeholders, needs removal of communication gaps within any team, and agile teams are situated in static locations to ensure comprehensive understanding.


The term ‘Distributed Development’ makes its purpose is to guarantee certain merits such as

Beneficial for large projects requirements, possibly accessible to superior talent pools, minimizing the cost of development, and time flexibility.


Distributed agile teams comprise two or more agile teams that are distributed across several geographies and potentially diverse countries, continents and time zones. Bearing in mind agile development with teams spread across many regions which could be even different countries or continents, may sound contrary but is practical. Such distributed teams in software companies in Dubai would have to hold numerous other facets such as project complexities, divergent development models such as development, expertise, and expense.


In addition to the capacity to work round the clock, the distributed agile development also delivers other gains such as cost optimization and enlarging the available talent pool while offering the tools and benefits of agile development tactics.


Implementing distributed agile development by software development company in Dubai means that the agile development is empowered with effort distributed for all of the teams across dissimilar regions. This entails meeting of some serious success points to ensure reliability of practice and governing of inputs and outputs.


Setting up the distributed agile teams with numerous control and collaboration points requires attention of aspects like work organization, meticulous delegation/control of deliverables, enhanced communications, steady status review and update, active testing framework, and consistent quality guarantee framework to ensure the achievement of distributed agile software development services company