Insights to Distributed and Agile Software Development
Insights to Distributed and Agile Software Development

Distributed and agile software development are extensively used practices in this modern era for software development. Using them together as Distributed Agile Development Methodology or Teams is a novel idea for many.

Agile Development

Agile is more into a culture, rather than an assembly of rules or guidelines. Agile methodology of software development spins around realizing requirements, building strong solutions, and uninterrupted delivery via efficient teamwork and communication.

Agile methodology followed by the Software companies in Dubai involves choosing folks and interactions over procedures and tools, client association over contract negotiation, replying to modifications over creating plans, and operational software over thorough documentation.

Distributed Team

Distributed software development often refers to planning, development, and testing software with dispersed teams spread across diverse physical sites. The distributed software development team fellows work on projects from any place utilizing internet-based interactions and communication tools.

The Benefits of Distributed Teams

Various benefits of forming distributed teams include:

Accessible Talent

Structuring a distributed software development team allows you to work across physical limits while hiring talents. It simply implies one can consider accessing talent around the world to fetch varied talents together to make a productive team for the Software development company in Dubai.


You need to offer attractive salaries while bringing in the people you want to your team. The Distributed methodology makes this process cost-effective as the salaries and rates of developers vary based on their geographical locations.

Increased Productivity

While working in a distributed environment, the likelihoods of losing an appreciated member of the team are considerably fewer due to numerous reasons. Several studies illustrate that personnel working in a distributed atmosphere of a Distributed Agile Software Development Services Company achieve better, mark less sick leaves, and get the work finished even faster.