Farm Solution SharePoint Development: Features, Pros, and Cons
Farm Solution SharePoint Development: Features, Pros, and Cons

Microsoft powered SharePoint solution renders a wide range of tools and services for building business more fruitful and agile.
SharePoint development services 
comprise developing custom SharePoint solutions for end user with the aid of several features like site templates, lists, workflows, etc.

Let’s see the Farm Solution SharePoint development approach and its features.

Farm Solution SharePoint Development

The Farm Solution covers custom managed code which is delivered to the SharePoint farm servers and connected with SharePoint developers by means of server-side object model. The code consists of XML, assemblies, and other files which are pushed together into a particular file known as a Solution package. This package holds SharePoint features and their associated modules.

Only a farm administrator can access to upload or deploy a solution package into the solution store of the farm. Farm solution includes the web application, site pool, and the complete farm scope of development. SharePoint farm solutions are utilized to customize SharePoint organizational roles, including event receivers, custom Windows PowerShell cmdlets, custom timer jobs, extensions of central administration, and so on. The farm solution code gets hosted on the IIS worker process (W3WP.exe).


·       Farm solution is the finest SharePoint on-premise solution to reach the server-side API in SharePoint server, for any
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Security remains unharmed as only farm administrators are allowed to deploy the solution in the farm.

·      IT Company in Dubai providing SharePoint solutions is highly reliant on .Net framework, offer more choice for customizations.


·       Farm Solution is employed merely for SharePoint on-premise servers.

·       Application pool recycles in the course of a farm solution deployment. During the deployment process, the SharePoint site goes down.

·       If any error occurs in the code, it will disturb the entire SharePoint farm.