5 Most Common types of IT Services.
5 Most Common types of IT Services.

IT service play an important role in the day to day proceedings of a modern company. Irrespective of the business size, everything related to IT is important for the success of a company based on tech in some way.

Generally, this entails an array of subjects and fields. Occasionally it is handled internally, rest of the time it is delegated to an external service provider to facilitate seamless IT operations. Here are the top 5 types of IT support Services for businesses in Dubai.

1.      Managed IT Services

A comprehensive type of service, managed IT is generally a part of a managed service provider which deals with a single or multiple IT service needs. Often managed IT Solutions Company in Dubai manages remote server, desktop, and device management. Some common uses also include remote cyber security.

2.      Cloud Backup Services

The cloud is a multipurpose platform capable of supporting various virtual services, like operating systems and programs. Cloud backups are a constituent of the service model too, enabling users and companies to save their sensitive data on external cloud servers, avoiding hardware failure or other problems. Cloud backups is typically handled by service providers for an annual or monthly fee.

3.      VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

The internet and broadband connections provide for an array of communication methods, and VoIP is one of them. This IT service uses the service of the internet rather than a traditional telephone line, enabling to make and receive calls with their ISP. Modern VoIP also needs a service subscription rather than a traditional phone service.

4.      Monitoring Services

Akin to security services and also offered along MSP, monitoring application does as it sounds: keep track of servers, net traffic, communication, security, and/or anything required by an enterprise. This service is often needed by smaller companies who face a shortage of resources compared to large organizations but still need robust IT support/features by IT Support Company in Dubai. Responsibilities can vary from automatically updating software applications to supervising the integrity of the hardware with SMART programs.


5.      Data Backup and Restoration

Certain providers offer data backup with cloud or with some external data centers. Irrespective of the method employed, data backup involves the storing of sensitive data in case of unexpected issues like natural disasters, malicious attacks, hardware failure etc.

Very often this is referred to as BDR strategy or backup disaster recovery. For a majority of organizations, it is mandatory to have some sort of backup in place to avoid problems like downtime and critical information loss.