How Internal IT Support Drains Your Business
How Internal IT Support Drains Your Business

Often business owners make the blunder of considering only their product and supply as resources. But the truth is that resources comprise of much more, like employees, IT and most important of all time.

Although IT support for businesses in Dubai is seen as necessity it is a massive drain for small businesses. Here are 4 ways in which IT support can be a drainer for small businesses. 

1.    Expensive Infrastructure

There is little doubt that one of the major startup investments for a business is IT infrastructure. The cost of acquiring new hardware and software as well as having a dedicated IT staff on board to maintain it is a huge drain of resources. Usually, companies try to solve their IT issues on their own or hire a cheap technician and spend money as well as their time both of which are expensive for a startup.

2.    Inability to Scale Up During Growth

One of the significant drains on any business happens when the IT requirements exceeds their IT capacity. When that happens, there is a huge plunge in productivity and profits. Also, there arises the need to acquire new, better, and stronger IT products, along with both hardware and software.

As technology is evolving on a faster pace an incapacity to scale up your IT infrastructure when required can be an important drain on any organisation.

3.    Repressed Productivity

An organisation is as good as the team working behind it. With a well-trained, skilled set of people working as a team your business and profit is likely to soar. But with regular IT problems this bubble would soon burst. 

4.    Regular upskilling of IT Staff

As technology is evolving swiftly regular upskilling of IT personnel is important. For small companies, this might be a drain on their resources, especially if you keep on training your employees but losing employees to your competitors.    


The solution to the above challenges is managed IT support.  Studies have shown that companies usually witness a 200% ROI within six months after outsourcing the IT support requirements to IT Support Company in Dubai. So, if you are facing the above challenges or is on the preparatory stage of starting a business, consider outsourcing the task to a competent external organization. Most of the software companies in Dubai providing IT Support for their clients.