3 Step Guide to Choosing the Right Features for a Mobile App
3 Step Guide to Choosing the Right Features for a Mobile App

A mobile app is built to serve a purpose while granting an intuitive user experience. The features the app possess should not disrupt that intuitiveness in any manner. This is why determining the right app features is an important step in the enterprise mobile app development process. The development company should be well aware of how certain features of the app influence the user flow. If they aren’t, the app would end up having an awful user experience.

So how can the right features be chosen for a mobile app?

Step 1

The first step is to understand why the product is needed at all. With a Product Requirements Document (PRD), it’d be easier to define the product’s purpose. Understanding the purpose of the app makes it easier to determine the right features for the app and the mobile technologies to use that will grant the best results. 

Step 2

The next step is to define what you want the app to do. A good approach is to focus completely on solving a single problem that the target user base is experiencing. This has several benefits one of which makes it easier for the developers to establish a focused product vision for the app. This in turn allows them to define a set of success criteria in order to determine what features can be included in the product to make it successful. 

This is why experienced mobile application development companies in UAE recommend going for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first. Along with the PRD, the MVP also gives developers an idea of the features the app will need immediately to be useful and usable. 

Step 3

The third step is to set the objectives to build an app that matches the profile in the developers’ and the app owner’s vision statements. Make sure that the objectives are measurable targets that covers important aspects like user experience, intuitiveness, and performance in addition to implementing just the necessary features.

Depending on the success criteria that the team defined in early stages, new features can be added to the app and effective promotional campaigns can be executed. This will help the app gain even more momentum without missteps.


The key is to map out all 3 steps mentioned in this article in detail so that everyone in the team is clearly aware of what they all are working collaboratively to achieve. The features will become apparent soon enough once the product purpose, requirement, and development phases are thoroughly mapped out.