4 Awesome Android Apps for SMBs
4 Awesome Android Apps for SMBs

Business apps are not like that which normal people use casually. While many businesses go for existing apps to serve them, many others prefer building one from scratch tailored to meet their needs with the help of an enterprise mobile app development company. Business apps have to consider a number of factors such as the business’ size, the size of the team, the expected ROI etc.

That said, this article lists a few of the most popular and useful Android apps for small-medium sized businesses. 


Asana is basically a to-do manager that businesses can use to assign tasks to personnel and keep track of the assignments. The app allows you to add several subsections, directly assign tasks, and add comments and attachments. The free, basic version of Asana can be used on teams with about 15 people, and will only have limited features. For the complete package, the app charges $9.99 per month per person. Its scalability and pricing are perfect for SMBs. Asana can get a bit expensive for a larger organization with large teams.

Google My Business

Google My Business is probably one of the best apps SMBs can use to establish a solid online presence. In addition to developing the Android OS – one of the most dominant mobile technologies in the world today, Google is also the most dominant search engine on the internet. Businesses compete to get better ranks in the Google search engine; seeing it as the best way to become more visible to the target market online.

With Google My Business, businesses can improve their visibility on both Google Search and Google Maps. This is where any business without a web presence should start their online journey.


For SMBs, managing transactions and invoices would be much easier with PayPal. Many companies use the app to pay their employees. The PayPal Business app is specifically designed to cater to businesses, and features robust security other useful features that streamlines financial transactions.


Once when Android app development suddenly gained a lot of momentum, chat apps were all the rage. Though there are plenty of chat apps in Google Play now, there aren’t many great business chat apps. One of the best business chat apps available today is Slack – an app with a simple UI and powerful features including multiple channels, conference call support, document sharing, and even a chatbot. In addition, Slack can also integrate well with a number of third party apps like Asana, Google Drive etc. Its scalability makes it a great app for SMBs.