How You Can Effectively Cut Down the Cost of iOS App Development
How You Can Effectively Cut Down the Cost of iOS App Development

Getting an iOS app developed is not quite cheap, and obviously requires a fairly hefty investment. However, hiring a company providing enterprise application services to develop an iOS app for your business can still be cheaper than having an in-house team develop one. The problem stems from the fact there aren’t many iOS professionals out there who can specifically and flawlessly transform your business ideas in to an app. Even if they are found, their services wouldn’t be cheap.

But there are things you can do to cut down the cost of development. Here are a few practices you can follow to make sure mobile app development for your business isn’t expensive.

Creating a ‘Requirements’ document and sticking to it

Before hiring developers to work on your ideas for an app, make sure you know everything you need in an app and document it. This will require extensive research on the target audience of the app, the expectations of the audience, demography, competition etc. The document should specify each of your requirements and the potential core features of the app you have in mind.

Once this is ready, you can present it to the developers and have them start the development. During development, there would be challenges. But it’s up to you to make sure not to change the app in a way that makes it different from your idea. The core part of the app and its functions should be the way you specified in the document. Occasionally, such changes can consequently increase the development costs.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

One other challenge both you and the developers might come across while restricting the latter to sticking to your specific requirements is that it’d be hard to determine the features and functionalities the first version of the app should have, and those that should be included in the subsequent updates. 

A workaround to this is to go for the MVP approach. This way you would be able to develop the project details early and have the developers work on the same. With the MVP approach, you will be able to release the app with just sufficient features that will satisfy early users of the app. Then the rest of the features can be added via subsequent updates once the app starts getting downloaded. This significantly reduces development costs as the app will be released in a shorter time. 

Hiring the right developer

Comparing the skills of developers you shortlisted with the cost can help you cut down development cost as well. If this is your first app, the best bet is to go for a reputed mobile application development company Dubai with a proposal that fits your budget.

However, it’s not a good idea to compromise on quality and skills even to keep it under the budget. Hiring freelancers may not give the desired results either. 


Outsourcing the project has always been a preferred cost-cutting approach for those who need to have apps developed. When outsourcing, it’s better to go for fixed rates. Hiring on hourly basis will reduce costs to a great degree. But this approach demands you to have a clear plan for it to work. You should have a good idea of how much time it takes to develop the various features and functionalities of the app you have in mind.