What Developers Can Do to Improve Mobile App Engagement
What Developers Can Do to Improve Mobile App Engagement

Building a successful business through apps is paved with a number of challenges, most of which can be addressed by keeping the users engaged and retaining them over the long term. It’s a competitive scenario as mobile app development has been on the rise bringing forth new apps similar in functionality to yours on a daily basis.   

Keeping it in mind, here are a few practices that can improve app engagement.

Build a high quality, high performance, optimized app to impress users at first glance

User experience is key on Android. It’s Google’s biggest priority. So develop apps that can satisfy users and give them a great experience. High quality is but one factor that improves user experience. The better the user experience is, the more engaged users will be. In order to achieve high quality, the developer should be aware of the latest trends, features and the best practices. 

Give users a personalized app experience

Focus on building a long-lasting relationship with users. For this, the app should give them a personalized experience. New users will want to start using the app without much ado. A personalized app will only require minimal input from users to start using it. This ‘onboarding’ should be seamless. Use only those images and text that are true to your brand.

Introduce new features and optimize existing ones

This practice also helps stay ahead of competition. Introducing new features that would be appreciated by users is a good start. Keep releasing updates that add features or add to the features. This would make users want to come back for more. Make sure to properly test the updates before release, and prepare content with visual highlights that would introduce users to the new features.

Do not overuse notifications

Push notifications can be quite effective to keep users engaged. But overusing them would simply annoy users, increasing the likelihood of getting your app uninstalled. Creatively send only relevant messages to the users. See if you can personalize these messages, and get the notifications to the users at the right time. Give control to the users on receiving notifications so they can opt for the type of notifications they prefer. 

Reward loyal users

To retain those users who have been using your app for a long time, and to make your app more desirable to less engaged users, you should issue rewards. Make sure the reward is simple, related to your app’s purpose and satisfying to the users. Some examples are achievement badges, redeemable promo codes or points, discounts for in-app purchases etc. 

Following these practices with a high quality app can help retain your customers and sustain your business. So always keep optimizing your app to keep the users happy, and the relationship sturdy.