Challenges of Building Mobile Apps for Smart Devices
Challenges of Building Mobile Apps for Smart Devices

Studies predict that there will be more than 20billion smart devices connected by the year-end. This essentially means that we are reaching a point where interconnected smart devices provide an exceptional level of comfort and convenience.

As the IoT market grows, many mobile application development companies in UAE are interested in cashing in on this latest trend by developing smart devices managed through mobile devices. However, this does come with its own challenges. Here are five important challenges a developer has to face during the development of mobile apps.

1.      Matching Requirements with UI/UX Design

Before working on the documentation and development process, it is essential for IT companies in UAE to get clarity on what the app aims to achieve, and the devices that will be used and the condition of operation.

These are essential to get right from the beginning as all three of them impact UI/UX design.

And finally, the app should have an intuitive UX that helps users navigate certain processes such as loading data or connecting to the network. That is to say, if the user has to have a waiting period for the device to connect/ exchange data with another device, that action should be indicated with an appropriate screen and message.

2.      Making Sure Sensors and Networks are Compatible

An an integral part of IoT development is the sensors and networks through which it communicates. And the difficult part for many IoT experts is finding the ultimate compatibility between sensors and various network types.

These days there are many sensor manufacturers, OEMs, and vendors, which don’t always follow under the same regulations and protocols. Keeping that in mind, you may enter a situation where two devices can’t work in sync with each other and exchange valuable data because their sensors aren’t compatible.

Businesses at times become aware of this only late into the production process. An alternative option for companies offering software development services in Dubai is to add external sensors, but still there are various hurdles you need to pass through to ensure that the data can be securely and successfully exchanged through all components of the IoT system.