Mobile App Development: A Complete Guide
Mobile App Development: A Complete Guide

Mobile application development is the process of designing software applications that usually run on devices like smart phones, tablets etc. There two approaches to mobile applications development companies in UAE- Native Apps approach and Hybrid Apps approach.

Native app development is the development of a software application that runs on specific platforms .The idea behind native app development is to develop two different versions for the app-one for Android and another one for iOS. 

Whereas hybrid app development is a fusion of both native and web solutions. The motivation behind investing in Native App Development is because the aim is to develop the app more in sync to one platform than the other.

Hybrid App vs. Native Apps

Although, both Hybrid App and Native App have similar features but the fundamental mobile technology behind them is different.

As the name implies, hybrid apps are a blend of web apps and native mobile apps. They are developed based on the web technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The key benefits of hybrid apps are portability and the ease in development. The coding need to be done only once and the hybrid application be can run on different operating system.

Ionic and Apache Cordova are examples for hybrid framework used for creating cross-platform hybrid applications.

On the other hand, code to develop native mobile apps have to be developed on platform- specific languages like Java, Swift or Objective C. 

The native applications have the remarkable advantage of ease of access and use of built in features like camera and microphone.

Advantages of Native Apps

  • Complete integration of the device
  • Internet connection not necessary
  • Improved Performance
  • Good user experience
  • More secure and safe

Advantages of Hybrid Apps

  • Cost saving
  • It can be designed using HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Faster development due to single code base

There are pros and cons for both hybrid and native mobile application approach. There will always be some sort of a constrains in terms of time or money that will force you to take decision about your mobile application. Always arm yourself with the knowledge about different kinds of apps and the development stages.