3 Major Mobile App Development Trends to Look Forward to in 2018
3 Major Mobile App Development Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

Mobile app development in 2017 have been remarkable so far. Almost every mobile application development company has started realizing that there’s to more to mobile apps than they thought till now. It isn’t just an optional investment anymore. A business leveraging its mobile app properly can meet customer demands, retain their loyalty, and increase sales significantly. 

The direct marketing, branding, and customer engagement benefits of mobile apps can be enhanced by utilizing latest tech trends. Here are 3 major trends that could trigger another evolution of mobile app development next year.


The ‘smart everything’ idea has officially started becoming a reality with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), one of the most intriguing mobile technologies today. The latest technology is on a path to changing the world giving rise to smart homes, smart cities, smart automobiles, smart health, and retail. 

IoT, this year, started going mainstream, and tech giants like Apple and Google are already promoting IoT adoption. The increase in demand for ‘connected devices’ also forces an increase in IoT-driven apps. This means developers will have to learn, adapt, and innovate to meet customer needs. 

The predicted growth of IoT to exceed $650 million by 2021 also impacts mobile app trends. 


Online shopping through mobile apps is much more prevalent now. People are willing to trust secure apps and use their credit/debit cards to make purchases. But now, with the introduction of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, it’s safe to assume that these companies are seeing customers gradually shifting to m-commerce.

M-commerce also gives businesses a new way to harvest data for in-depth analysis of clients in addition to being a more convenient payment option. M-commerce rise signifies a major shift in app development as well.  

Android Instant apps

Native apps that function like websites, Android Instant apps are trending at present. The visually appealing apps don’t require installation, and is more convenient to use. This convenience is apparently attracting more users every day. 

With instant apps removing that which separates an app from a website, it’s safe to assume that this will further accelerate the growth of app and website development. The mobile app development Dubai sector is expected to expand significantly next year.