Insights in to the Challenges of Enterprise Mobile App Development
Insights in to the Challenges of Enterprise Mobile App Development

There has been exponential rise in demand for enterprise apps with recent survey noting that more than 80% of the companies in the USA alone have attributed a significant portion of their success to enterprise mobile apps.

Despite the advantages offered by these apps there are significant challenges involved in its development. The four major challenges include lack appropriate resources and slow development of applications, integrating with existing back-end resources, device fragmentation and security.

Let’s delve deep into the topic.

1.      Allocation of Appropriate Resources

 A major challenge faced by the enterprise mobile application development companies are bringing together the right resources including the right kind of team. With teams now located at different geographical locations and each member with different skill sets and capabilities, sourcing appropriate talent should be done with a lot of insight. But this can be solved by streamlining procedures by using the low code approach to enterprise mobile application development.

 Low code app development, is an innovative approach of developing apps from reusing components, which reduces the development time frame. Apps are developed by a drag and drop policy, thereby app development is automated. This reduces the app development time by 10times, comparing to the conventional ‘start from scratch’ method of software development in UAE

2.    Integrating with Existing Back-End Resources

Earlier UI development was a significant challenge which was replaced by the integration of the enterprise app with the back-end resources.

3.      Device Fragmentation

Another major and the latest challenge that have surfaced in mobile application development is device fragmentation. With different operating systems in vogue, it is definitely challenging to customize enterprise mobile applications for different platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. The business requirements that is needed to invest in an enterprise mobile application development model that can be custom made to the existing platforms.

4.      Security

Security is another major concern for enterprise mobile application development companies because there is a lot on the line. Data breaches and other cyber-attacks can put the company’s customer data and internal business security at risk. With attackers evolving their tactics, it has become extremely essential to reduce risks. One of the ways to decrease risks on security is to test the app at every stage of development