Mobile Application Development Trends That Will Turn Heads in 2017
Mobile Application Development Trends That Will Turn Heads in 2017

With smartphones and other mobile devices dominating the market, it’s no wonder why people rely on mobile applications so much. It is this over dependence on applications that fuel the demand for more applications. Developers have their work cut out for them. According to mobile app development Dubai industry, new app development trends will pop up this year that would transform the apps people are already familiar with. 

Here are a few mobile application development trends that will turn heads in 2017.

Swift will Transform iOS App Development

Gaining popularity as the next generation programming language for iOS app developers, Swift will only be gaining more traction this year. It’s supposedly easier than Objective - C.

Increase in Location-based Services

We saw quite a few location-based applications emerge last year. The service has reportedly advanced enough to bypass its present shortcomings to make location-based information available to users without issues, and opening new doors to personalized marketing through applications.

IoT will Finally Start Delivering What it Promised

Said to be the next big thing in the tech realm, Internet of Things failed to impress much last year, albeit some advancements. However, with cloud-based apps gaining more traction and more connected devices emerging in the market than ever, IoT will certainly play a big role this year. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality stole the spotlight last year, which makes it obvious that they will be expanded more in 2017. At present, the technologies are rapidly advancing in the entertainment & gaming industry. However, now that websites have started adopting VR features, it’s safe to assume that VR and AR-based apps aren’t very far behind. 2017 is sure to give us more apps featuring VR/AR technologies. 

Enterprise Apps 

Apparently, startups have a better start now more than ever. With an increasing number of startups every day, the need for enterprise applications has also increased. Many startups streamline their operations, and manage their crucial business functions using enterprise apps. Enterprise software providers now invest more to drive innovation in to their products. We will see some return to those investments this year.