Questions to Ask Before Building a Mobile App
Questions to Ask Before Building a Mobile App

Mobile technologies and related devices are exploding the market and have become part and parcel of life. Hence it is natural to think that maybe your business too needs a mobile app. Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before investing in one.

1. Are My Customers Asking for One?

If the customers pose a recurring need, use agile method to build one swiftly and efficiently. If they are not asking for it, but still you need one, look for areas for growth. There might be previously identified bottleneck in your product that can be solved using a mobile app. Conduct a market survey to see whether it is a profitable idea and strategize on the ways of capitalizing it.

2. Will It Multiply My Reach?

A well-developed mobile app can engage with the customers directly with your services and enable access to native device functionality such as camera, location, and notifications.

A mobile app also unlocks access to the many connected devices ecosystem like wearable devices and voice assistants. Mobile is a minimum standard for consumer adoption and customer retention, and if done correctly multiplies your reach. 

3. Does It Fit the Nature of My Product?

A mobile app is not everybody’s cuppa. Developing an enterprise mobile application depends entirely on the people using your services and the nature of it.  

If you offer a product or service which rarely require people to interact directly with your company or team, then you certainly don’t need an app. But if your customers need to communicate with you on a regular basis, then it would be ideal to develop an app with the help of a mobile app development company in UAE.

4. What Should Its Scope Be?

If you choose to develop a mobile app, the real focus should be given on the scope of the app. Many enterprises try to build a mobile app with the same functionality as that of their desktop application, which is unnecessary.

Begin by including the most important features that your customer will need on the go as a minimum viable product (MVP). Build the rest after receiving feedback.

5. Can It Become Integral to Customer Experience?

A mobile app need to be a complete replica of the desktop experience, but at the minimum, it should be customized to provide accurate information whenever the consumer requires. Moreover, it is the ideal way to become part of the consumer’s daily process.

6. What Is My Customer’s Actual Need?

The first question that should be asked before venturing into app development is “what are the customer’s needs? “Then build the application around those needs.

If the users usually communicate sporadically, then the mobile-first web design is sufficient. If customers communicate on a regular basis, then a mobile app is the desire approach. Pay greater attention on solving the user needs than on building apps with all the modern mobile technologies.