How to Reduce your Development Cost Without Compromising on Quality of your Mobile Application?
How to Reduce your Development Cost Without Compromising on Quality of your Mobile Application?

There are several different ways to set a budget for your development and kick start the process in your mobile application development company in Dubai.

Many large corporates have a budget to hire full-time developers, but small startups outsource it, but they generally end up with low-quality work. On the other hand, non-tech startups, employ part-time employees or seek assistance from companies offering IT Software Companies in Dubai.

So, the issue is that is there any effective ways to reduce the cost of development without jeopardizing on the quality. Here are some proven ways which can help you bring down the development cost.

1.    Planning

The viability of your app will depend on the audience reviews. Hence it is necessary to conduct a well-planned research on your targeted audience.  Also, it is important to research your competitors and note down the following questions:

·         What are the features that they have included?

·         What are the challenges that they are currently facing?

·         Who are the targeted audience?

·         UX/UI

Finding answers to the above questions will help you assess whether you are offering something. This can bring down costs drastically.

2.    Cross-Platform Apps

Your targeted customers might be using either iPhone or Android. Developing your app on a platform compatible to one platform alone will lead to losing out on customers but developing a separate app for both platforms can drive up costs.

So best way out of this predicament is to build cross-platform apps and many software companies in Dubai, are making use of this solution to save time and cost.   Examples for cross-platform apps are React Native, Ionic, PhoneGap and Xamarin.

3.    Minimum Viable Product

A Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is a product or prototype with enough features to attract early users and corroborate the product idea early into the product development cycle.

The benefit of having an MVP is that it gives you a perfect idea about the viability of your idea.

·         Will it work?

·         Will people use it?

·         What if the app fails?


The answers to the above questions give you a sense of whether your app is going to be a success or not. Hence having built an MVP will save you money and time.


Successful apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc have advanced by adding on features over a period, so can your app.

When your app is released on the app store, you can rely on the in-app feedback to measure the response to your app. In line with this, you can add in more features.

Also building an MVP is a major decision as you have to choose only the best of features.


4.    Finding the Right Team


Having the right idea might not necessarily guarantee you success. It also requires a great team. Having a brilliant team can drastically alter the course of your growth and would save you tremendous amount of money in the long term.

For example, if you have hired the wrong guy for the job, you will have re-hire another one and it will cost you more and waste your time.

Hence finding the right team is essential if you want to reduce the app development cost and make your app a great success.




If the above tips are followed to the T, mobile app development will not be as expensive. Although quality comes with cost, it doesn’t mean that there should be overspending to achieve high quality.