3 Useful Tips to Reduce Android App Development Costs
3 Useful Tips to Reduce Android App Development Costs

According the Android development services UAE industry, many businesses chose not to develop an enterprise mobile app due to the wrong notion that it’s expensive. Many other businesses look for ways to cut development costs resulting in apps of inferior quality. While the quality of a mobile app is vital for the app’s success, cost is an important factor for an enterprise. 

Finding the balance can be tricky. However, it’s possible to get a functional, good-quality app developed without exceeding the budget. Here are 3 useful tactics to reduce Android app development costs without compromising app quality.

Target platforms/devices

A good cut of the app development cost depends on the operating system and the mobile devices a business targets. Each app platform be it Android, iOS, or Windows comes with a fair share of features and limitations. Targeting more than one platform increases development costs. 

What an enterprise can do is to identify which platform is used by a majority of the target audience, and the range of devices they use. Then have an app developed for that OS and the devices.

Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product or MVP makes things a lot easier for both developers and the business that require the app. MVP is the way to go if it’s difficult to incorporate all unique ideas into the app before its final release. Instead the MVP will have all the core ideas incorporated into it for an early release in the market. The developers can then add more features to the app through periodic updates. This is also cost-effective for the business. 

A reliable mobile application development company Dubai would be capable of analyzing business trends and define target audience for their clients and then incorporate innovative ideas to create waves with just the MVP itself. They can add more features without exceeding the client’s budget later on. 

Iterating processes

One obvious tactic is to do some serious research to shortlist capable app development companies that can get the job done for a reasonable price. The company that’s chosen should have a track record that goes with their expertise in mobile technologies and a reputation for being budget-friendly. 

Top-ranked app development companies in Dubai follow effective development methodologies where they divide the processes involved into iterations, facilitating more accurate estimation of costs. The clients would know the costs involved for each iteration.


In today’s age, mobile apps are vital for businesses both in boosting sales and to reach out to more people regardless of geographical boundaries. A good enterprise mobile app can help businesses keep ahead of the competition while building the brand. The three tactics above can be useful in getting the right app without development costs skyrocketing.