Why Enterprise Mobile App Security is Indispensable and How to Improve it?
Why Enterprise Mobile App Security is Indispensable and How to Improve it?

At present, there is a tremendous increase in the usage of mobile applications. This is applicable to enterprises as well. Enterprise mobility encourages people as well as processes, providing for mobile computing across mobile devices on various platforms.

Enterprise mobility solution is considered as an upcoming technology which many enterprises find challenging.

With the explosion of mobile technologies and devices, enterprises have adopted the Bring Your Own Device policy by allowing the employees to access company data anywhere anytime. This has improved productivity but brings in security challenges. According to surveys 74 percent of IT leaders from global companies admit that their organization has experienced a data breach due to mobile security issues.

Here are some mobile application security best practices for enterprise mobile application development companies.

Take into Account Mobile Security in Advance

Security should be the key focus for mobile application development companies in UAE in addition to innovative UI/UX design and others. A security checklist created during the preliminary phase will help recognize and identify possible security issues. These baby steps would be of tremendous help to organizations to handle the cost implications at the end.

Explore Development Frameworks and OS Vulnerabilities

It is common for enterprises to deploy mobile apps on legacy platforms or operating systems. But this brings in a fair share of security vulnerabilities. Hence it would be advisable to deploy mobile applications on latest platforms as it brings in added data protection with the latest updates.

Use Encrypted Restricted Entry

It is highly crucial to restrict access to the app data by generating a gateway as way of preliminary security audit. This will make it more difficult for the hackers to sneak in surreptitiously and misuse valuable enterprise data.

Besides, while planning the mobile application security strategy, key consideration should be given to encryption key management.

Protect Application Data on Device

Technologies have improved tremendously that it is easier to recover lost data from a device, but enterprises should keep in mind that this can bring in potential risks. So the enterprises should ensure that proven encryption methods like 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard symmetric-key algorithm standards are used to store data on different devices.


The above are just a few of the best practices that could be adopted by enterprises for improved mobile application security. As the cyber security and mobility practices are evolving so are hackers devising dubious methods. So enterprises has to ensure to keep pace with the evolving technologies to minimize security data breach.