Is Xamarin The Right Pick for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?
Is Xamarin The Right Pick for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

It’s not easy for businesses to keep their feet firm on highly competitive digital grounds. As a measure to make things less challenging, many businesses relied on cross-platform mobile application development in 2017. However, the challenge doesn’t get any smaller. Cross-platform app development comes with its own fair share of challenges. Enterprises often outsource that part to a reliable mobile application development company in Dubai

The next phase is to determine the right tool for development. Present day market offers a plethora of tools and development frameworks to create flawless mobile applications. Still, companies providing enterprise application services find it challenging to pick the perfect tool for the job, especially when it comes to cross-platform development.

Xamarin stands out from the rest of those many tools available, and is increasingly becoming more popular thanks to the various benefits it can provide. All that a developer has to do with Xamarin is to write an app one time, and then port it across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. Another testament to its great potential is the fact that it allows developers to develop, run, test, and debug iOS app from a Windows PC using Visual Studio, without the need for Mac.

However, there are things to take into account before choosing a reliable development company and a cross-platform development.

The size of the company & the expertise of their staff

The development company’s size is an important factor to consider when it comes to choosing them for development. For a company with limited resources, completing the project in time can be quite a big challenge. The staff working on the project should also have sufficient expertise whether the tool chosen is Xamarin or not.

Basically, you should go for a company that can develop and launch the app in a comparatively short time using Xamarin. The company’s security policies should also be considered.


Many of you might be unaware of the fact that it’s cheaper to develop cross-platform apps compared to native apps. Developing a cross-platform app instead of a native app cuts cost by almost 70%, making it an inexpensive solution cum a lucrative investment for businesses. Using open source tools for the job cuts the cost further. However, Xamarin still would be the right choice for cross-platform development of apps that won’t fail in the long run.

Delivery speed

The delivery speed is a key factor that influences the success of a mobile app. Most enterprises prefer a development company that can deliver feature-rich mobile apps faster rather than one that takes too long to release and updates. If the flaws in an app, identified from feedbacks, aren’t fixed in time, it might lead to the app failing and disappearing from the market. This is why delivery time is critical.

The factors mentioned above can help you pick a capable developer and development tool for the job. Using Xamarin in combination with other effective tools can reduce delivery time considerably, in addition to providing an app that meets users’ requirements and delivers on its promises. It’s one of the most popular mobile technologies out there for cross-platform app development. Give it a go.