3 Timeless Skills Every Software Developer Must Have
3 Timeless Skills Every Software Developer Must Have

The presence of a wide array of programming languages, development methodologies, platform choices, and associated technologies have not only revamped the software development Dubai sector but also changed the way a software developer’s skills are assessed. Developers handle their job differently now, with different technologies and development methodologies supporting them. 

Today’s developers are also keen on investing their time into improving their skillsets either by learning a new language or a different technology. They might find it challenging to figure out which language they should learn next or which technology they should explore. Even if they keep improving their technical skills, if they lack a few core skills, they would find it difficult to grow as a successful software developer. 

Every software developer today should possess these 3 timeless skills to be the best at what they do. 

Problem solving skills

A skill critical to any developer, and what every reputed software development company in Dubai looks for when hiring developers. Software development is ultimately about building a digital solution that solves clients’ specific problems. Regardless of the technology or the programming language used, the goal is to have the software solution solve a specific problem that the users have. 

This is why software development companies test the problem-solving skills of software developers during interviews. 

Quickly acquire knowledge to finish tasks efficiently

Software development is a rapidly changing sector. The technologies that benefit software development also undergo evolutions, which subsequently impact the development sector. This means software developers should be capable of quickly adapting to changes.

They won’t be able to invest time in completely mastering a technology or a framework because there will be changes midway that could force them to shift to a different technology to deal with the tasks at hand. The ability to quickly acquire new knowledge can be an asset to developers who desire to climb up the career ladder faster. 

People skills

One important thing that every software developer should realize is that other people would be influencing their careers more than they think. When working for a company that provides IT services in Dubai or anywhere in the planet, the developer should pick up best practices to deal with different kinds of people. In addition, they need to be active in the software community which would emphasize how they are utilizing their people skills to contribute to their domain which in turn will be a major plus for developing their career. 


The aforementioned skills are timeless and are core to every software developer who is looking for eventual career growth in software companies UAE. However, this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t possess a solid foundation in technology areas. In addition to these core skills, technical expertise and knowledge are what make the career of a software developer. In conclusion, a developer should be able to solve problems with a software solution, convey their solutions to stakeholders the right way, and keep improving themselves to ascend in their careers.