4 Traits of Software Development Teams That Are Underestimated
4 Traits of Software Development Teams That Are Underestimated

Building enterprise-grade software comes with a lot of major challenges. This means the expertise of the software development partner you choose will make all the difference. There are a lot of companies offering software development services in Dubai. Some of them often think of this just as a duty they are getting paid to do instead of thinking of it as a responsibility to accelerate the growth of their client’s business with powerful software. 

Reliable development companies also value their talent pool arming themselves with every useful skill they can have. While trying to serve the best software possible, they often overlook some of the traits of their development team - not exactly skills but traits that contribute to the product’s quality and even the speed of delivery. 

Here is a list of such traits that are often underestimated by companies.

Communication competency

Good communication is a critical factor when it comes to application development, especially in an Agile development environment where everything relies on feedback and iterations. Developers should be able to openly communicate with each other and with the stakeholders when problems arise in order to ensure that the project isn’t delayed due to bad surprises mid-development. 

Poor or ineffective communication can jeopardize the project in more ways than one and can even increase development costs. Many companies in Dubai offering enterprise application services in offshore development centers often neglect the importance of proper communication. They apply it only when understanding project requirements. So make sure that your software development partner has a good communication plan during and throughout all stages of development.

Learning competency

All successful software development teams places emphasis on learning new things including development skills, programming knowledge and trending development technologies. Development companies should encourage self-directed learning and should make sure that only intellectually-curious members are tasked with the development. This practice should be implemented while ensuring that the project isn’t delayed while the team picks up new things.

Prior experience

Many companies often use development teams where an experienced leader helps inexperienced members handle the project. Though most of them may succeed in the end, there are risks to this practice which can result in delayed development, increase in development costs, unnecessary codes, bugs etc.

The team should have experience not just in building software or an application but also in marketing and optimizing it. The team should have developers with well-rounded portfolios.


Every leading Agile software development company in Dubai values collaboration and teamwork when handling both big and small projects. But many companies surprisingly neglect the importance of team collaboration. It’s not just the development team that’s part of a project. There are designers, testers, marketers and business analysts. Teamwork is often underrated i.e. the development team may collaborate with each other during development but generally doesn’t get involved with other departments.

Every department including the design team, business analysts, testers, marketers, developers and key stakeholders should collaborate with each other throughout the development lifecycle to ensure a high quality product that doesn’t have unnecessary functionalities. Collaboration improves individual performance which in turn improves team performance.


The aforementioned traits aren’t supposed to be neglected in a company that values satisfied customers. Seemingly insignificant factors can have a huge impact on the development.