5 Best Practices for Effective Software Development
5 Best Practices for Effective Software Development

To make your software development process effective and ideal, here are the best practices you can follow to make it work.

Code Simplicity

Code simplicity was an idea put forward by Max Kanat-Alexander, a software developer at Google. The concept is to cut unnecessary complexity in the development of software by the Software Development Companies in Dubai so that any fault in the code can be recognized easily.

Code Testing

While the Test Driven Development (TDD) ensures your code quality, the Behavior Driven Development (BDD) helps you to absorb the features and requirements right from the client and then translates into the code of users’ desires. Full integration testing done by the software development company in Dubai makes it certain that all modules are functioning together and thereby growing code coverage.

Code Consistency

While working as a team, it is imperative to have a consistent style guide for your codebase. The tools such as Javascript Style Checker, Editorconfig, ESLint helps to implement consistent style between the numerous editors and IDEs that developers use.

Code Reviews

Code reviews benefit to lessen bugs in the software product. Maintain an attitude of sharing your code for reviews with your colleagues or trusted persons, because reading over your pull requirements before merging is a decent approach to confirm final code quality.


You must keep an eye on your estimates of budget and time for the development of the software product. An accurate budget saves your software project from feeling too much burden. Agile methods enable the scope to move more effortlessly as the project headways. Enhanced estimation comes with experience and there are several tools accessible backing with Software Development Dubai project coding estimates.