Agile Software Development: Key terms that a beginner should know
Agile Software Development: Key terms that a beginner should know

Agile software development services is an umbrella term for a set of frameworks like Scrum based on the values and twelve principles. 

A few key terms about scrum are 

1) Scrum:

Scrum is a framework that can help teams build complex products. It is abstract, not prescriptive 

2) Product owner: 

A product owner is a business representative dedicated to the team. He is usually a person of considerable domain expertise (understands the impact of Software Company in UAE.

on organizational transformation and is an effective communicator. The product owner has a prioritized backlog of work for the team to do. Every two week or so, the team looks at the backlog and decides what they can accomplish in the next two weeks. The team develops and tests their solutions to their backlog items until they are done and ready for use. At the end of the two weeks, the team demonstrates its accomplishments to the product owner and stakeholder. Finally, they reflect on how things went during the two weeks and they decide what they can do to improve their work practices. 

3) Scrum Master: 

Protects the team and protects the process. The scrum master is the facilitator who keeps the team within the quad rails of the scrum. They balance the needs of the product owner against the demands of the team. This is to ensure to keeps the team working at a sustainable pace.

 4) Product Backlog:

 It is a to-do list for the software development company in Dubai team. Single source of truths for requirements, defects, and enhancements. May include a rough idea that may get fleshed out and implemented later.

Items closer to the top are more fine-grained and implementable. Items close to the bottom of the product backlog, are more coarse grain and less implementable.