ASP.NET Core - What You Need to Know
ASP.NET Core - What You Need to Know

The digital era now values feature-rich websites and impressive online presence more compared to previous years. That could be the reason why development platforms are held in high regard. ASP.NET is regarded as one of the most robust and scalable web development platforms in the market. Though more development platforms have started emerging in the market, reputed software companies in Dubai still recommend Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core to develop feature-rich, responsive web applications. 

What is ASP.NET Core?

A free, open-source framework, ASP.NET Core is a feature-rich environment that facilitates cross-platform functionalities. The framework is a great choice for cloud as well as web scenarios thanks to its .NET Core.

.NET Core is Microsoft’s contribution to ASP.NET development – an advanced cross-platform software stack to build robust ASP applications. The scalable platform comes with a managed code library and boasts a high-performance architectural design supporting a faster, more enhanced execution environment. 

It may appear similar to .NET Framework, but .NET Core has its own libraries and is designed to support Universal Windows Platform apps. However, the Core does use a few APIs it ‘borrowed’ from .NET Framework. 

.NET Core and .NET Framework - Which one to choose?

Both are runtime environment choices that allow developers to build server-side web applications. However, there are a lot of differences between both environments. 

.NET Framework is still preferred for interactive and server-side applications. Another advantage is that the developer need not migrate an application that’s been done in .NET Framework to .NET Core. He can simply go ahead with .NET Core, and can even enhance the application functionality by adding more features into it. However, there are still many technologies that don’t support .NET Core, which also explains why .NET Framework is preferred more. 

On the other hand, ASP.NET Core can execute both .NET Core and .NET framework runtime environments. It boasts a unique architectural design with a modular MVC pattern that makes it robust and scalable. It makes cloud configuration possible and can deploy and run applications on cloud servers without hassle. It can also work well with AngularJS and other popular front-end frameworks. The ultimate choice on the platform would depend on the functional feasibility and business requirement though ASP.NET Core is considered a revolutionary change to cross-platform application development. Businesses have already started embracing the technology and its potential in a cloud environment.  Many Software Development Companies in Dubai are preferring .net.