5 Tips to Choose the Right Custom Software Development Company.
5 Tips to Choose the Right Custom Software Development Company.

There are thousands of custom software development companies in Dubai but all of them don’t share a similar set of standards. In fact, the company you choose to work with can also be the biggest roadblock for your project if you are not paying too much attention to choosing the right one. Here are the 5 important tips that should be kept in mind while looking for the right custom software development company.

1.      Referral and Recommendations

Talk to people on your network for referrals and recommendations for custom software developers. Besides gathering positive feedback about them it will also fast track the process of selecting potential custom developers.

2.      Discuss Coding

The quality of the application built is deeply dependent on the quality of coding. Hold discussions with the IT Software Companies in Dubai with respect to the level to be maintained while developing.

Highlight guidelines like-

·         No buggy/resource-hungry codes

·         More of Lean Coding etc. 

3.      Do a Background Check

Look through the portfolio of projects to build a picture of the type of applications the software developers have experience working on. This is because custom software development companies that have experience handling multiple projects have a tried and tested methodology for the successful completion of the projects.

On the other hand, new software development companies (owing to lack of experience) are still in the process of developing methodologies.

Therefore- they are not alien to the challenges that can arise during the software development lifecycle.

Tip: Take into account the size of your software project. A majority of custom software companies in Dubai prefer accepting projects of a particular size and duration i.e multi-year or multi-enterprise projects.    

4.      Understand different Software Systems

Be informed about the different software development technologies like Windows and UNIX. Based on their characteristics, choose the technology you would want your custom application to be developed on. Review the type of development technology the company has experience working on. This holds applicable if you want your project to be built on specific software system.

5.      Stress on Good Communication Skills

The benefit of emphasizing on communication is that you need not have to put in much effort to get regular updates from the software developers UAE. So do not choose a team of nerds, sitting in a dark room, coding, cut off from the rest of the world. 

You can always shoot questions and initiate discussions to make sure that the application is developed to meet your business needs.