CMS Development with Open Source: An Overview
CMS Development with Open Source: An Overview

Almost on par with the growth of the software development Dubai industry, Content Management in Dubai also evolved over the years, though how users make, manage, and deliver content remained relatively intact. With almost every business in the Middle East operating online now, websites became an important asset which subsequently increased the demand for Content Management Systems (CMS) in Dubai. 

As a platform for builders

CMSes is now viewed as a platform that helps developers and designers tailor digital experiences. A CMS has to provide the tools, frameworks and development infrastructures for building such unique experiences. The evolution of CMS to what it is today owes a lot to open source technologies. Open source CMS development Dubai sector enjoys great demand now as well. 

Open source contributed to CMS’ present transformation in more than one way, including:

  • Open source code - Opening the source code makes it easier for developers to work faster owing to better control. They don’t have to wait for a vendor to provide the license key in order to start working. Essentially, an open source code streamlined the development.
  • Open APIs - To customize a CMS, the developers may have to connect various applications together. With open APIs and considering the fact that modern APIs are much improved, connecting applications together is easier than ever. 
  • Simplify development processes - Various platforms, code repositories, tools, and solutions including GitHub helps increase development efficiency today, while also complementing continuous integration strategies. 

There are now tools available to automate as well as streamline coding, testing, and deployment. The contribution of the Docker containers here is notable, adding one more feather in open source’s cap and still delivers its promises to this date. For an agile software development company following DevOps practices, Docker can be invaluable for the development team.


Despite the demand enjoyed by CMSes, many businesses consider certain aspects outdated. However, CMSes will continue to be the platforms that IT Software companies in Dubai will rely on for a long while. The present advancements in technologies promise to modernize all that which is considered outdated at present, including marketing UX. To that end, open-source technologies will remain vital when it comes to achieving developer experience, despite increasing complexities.