Frontend Developer Vs. Backend Developer; Everything You Want to Know
Frontend Developer Vs. Backend Developer; Everything You Want to Know

Who is a Front end developer?

Frontend developers are responsible for efficiently implementing the visual modules on a website. They also accomplish the central website development tasks like navigation, buttons, or whatever that helps to boost the website’s overall visibility.


Who is a Backend developer?

Backend developers focus on the server-side development. They emphasize on databases, scripting, and website construction. These experts also monitor how the website works and how to make modifications and update all the behind-the-scenes operations.


Roles and Responsibilities of Front-end Developers

Here are the imperative roles played by the Frontend developers:

·         Defines modules on the page with HTML

·         Make them look attractive with CSS.

·         Checks on the interactivity with JavaScript.

·         Improves productivity using frameworks of the software development companies in Dubai

·         Responsible to achieve jobs like automation, version control, content management systems, etc.

·         Examines the client-side performance of a webpage to identify the customer experience.


Roles and responsibilities of Back-end Developers

Now read the roles and responsibilities of the Back-end Developers:

·         Backend developers require to build the page modules and content dynamically on any web server.

·         Create web pages by using the programming languages such as PHP, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, and Ruby.

·         Helps web development crew to achieve fast reply to end-users.

·         Works on the software version control with tools like CVS, Git, or SVN.

·         Understand the purpose of the website and come up with active solutions.

·         Bring about API resources that work through devices of IT Software Companies in Dubai

·         Involved in the system architecture and data science analysis.

·         Organizes the system logic which goes across various devices.


The Key Differences:

·         Frontend developers are accountable for executing visual modules on a website, while back-end developers focus on the server-side functions. They check on website architecture, databases, and scripting,.

·         HTML, CSS, JavaScript are the languages used for the frontend web development whereas PHP, .Net, Java, are the back-end programming languages.

·         Frontend developers design the website’s appearance by collecting the user’s inputs and revising it through testing. Back-end developers create a frontend application that offers security, support, and content supervision.

·         Frontend developers should ensure that the website is reachable to all users. It must be responsive on mobile and desktop devices. At the same time, the backend team may require to create an application around the front-end that functions accurately.

·         The most prevalent tools for front-end development are HTML5 and jQuery, while the common backend development tools include MySQL and PHP.

·         Front-end developers must identify how to efficiently work on the design and UI/UX of a website or an application of software companies Dubai, however, the back-end developers should devise algorithms and resolve the system-related concerns.