5 Most Popular SDLC Models
5 Most Popular SDLC Models
Several SDLC models are designed and defined to utilize during the process of software development. Such models are also known as Software Development Process Models. Each model trails a sequence of unique steps to ensure the successful completion of software development.
The 5 most popular and important SDLC models used in the IT industry are:
Waterfall model 
The waterfall is a very old, traditional, and extensively recognized SDLC model. In this model, the product of one phase is taken as the input for the succeeding phase. The waterfall model is documentation-intensive where previous phases document what is required to be achieved in the later phases by the software company in Dubai.
Incremental Model 
The incremental model is fundamentally a series of waterfall model cycles and cannot be considered a distinct model. Here, the requirements get divided into groups and the waterfall model is followed for these groups to develop the software. Hence the SDLC life cycle process is repeated, adding more features till customer expectations are met. 
Agile Model 
Agile methodology is usually referred to as a practice of developing software that supports consistent interaction during the entire SDLC. In this method, the complete project is separated into small incremental builds and these builds are provided in iterations by the software companies in UAE
The V-model allows the developer to plan the phase in parallel. Also, there will be verification and validation phases of SDLC in this model. V-Model is usually joined by the coding phase.
Spiral Model
The spiral model benefits the development group to implement features of one or more SDLC models including the waterfall model, incremental model, etc. Normally, the software company in UAE adopts the best elements of the waterfall as well as the prototyping model to ensure consistency in software designing and development.