What You Need to Know For Hiring The Right Developers
What You Need to Know For Hiring The Right Developers

A decade ago, software development Dubai was at its lowest point when businesses hired software developers who ended up giving them nothing usable. Though such failures aren’t quite frequent nowadays, they are more expensive. This is why it’s important for businesses to set a criteria and find a reliable software development company to do the job. 

Here are a few tips that can help them narrow down their search. 

Developer capabilities vary

Developing a software is more akin to puzzle solving. Each developer does it differently at different coding speeds and quality. A capable developer may be able to perform a task at a shorter time compared to another developer. However, that capable developer will charge more. It’s still a good deal though code quality is a factor. Code quality is something that takes time. 

Considering all these factors, it’s a good idea to look for developers with a degree in computer science, and an ability to understand what exactly the problem is before solving it. 

Planning is important

A detailed plan should take into account a lot of variables, which is why it should be done with diligence. Just an estimate alone without a plan can only be translated into work hours and nothing more. Preparing a software requirements document is a skill you should look out for in the developer you plan to hire. 

Plans can change

You can make modifications even after the software is developed. However, doing this during the project should not exceed the budget, and that’s up to the project management methodology practiced by the developer. An Agile or Scrum plan can accommodate changes very well during development. So it’s wise to demand this methodology when hiring a developer. 

Developers build. Designers design.

While developers work with patterns and algorithms, designers take care of the ‘artwork’. Designer makes the application look good, and ensure a good user experience. So a combination of capable developers and expert designers can do wonders.