Low Code Software Development and Traditional Software Development
Low Code Software Development and Traditional Software Development

In this article, we are going to see about low code software development and traditional software development.

Low-code development

Low code development is the type of software development process where the development team has to pen less code for the development. So, as a result with fewer effort the real product can be developed. In fact in Low code development, software applications are created by the Software Company in UAE with the support of pre-built app templates and user-friendly interfaces. So, it sorts the product development and deployment process faster. Today, when there is an excessive demand in IT area, even non-IT people with minor coding knowledge are also getting involved in software product development because of Low Code development.

Low-code developers of Software Development Company in Dubai don’t use traditional coding approaches rather they permit to design an app using graphical interfaces to drag-and-drop many elements.

Low-code platforms allow every industrialist an opportunity to go in the market quick and simple.

Traditional Software Development

This method is also known as plan-driven software development which are often described as a more formal tactic to software development. Traditional software development process primarily follows a bunch of requirements, then design, then coding, and so on.

These practices are the key methods of software development followed by the Software Development Company in UAE. As these process are little bit composite and time consuming that’s why they are also called heavyweight methodologies. These methodologies are typically supported a sequence of successive steps, like requirements’ description, solution construction, testing, and deployment.

Traditional software development methodologies first papers Software Requirement Specification (SRS) at the initial stage of a project and then follows the further steps of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Traditional methodologies are used for large critical structures that needs security and reliability like military systems.