Major Challenges Faced By Distributed Agile Teams
Major Challenges Faced By Distributed Agile Teams

While managing a distributed team where all or most of your team members work in diverse physical places, it’s probable for things to go overlooked. These unobserved concerns can later turn into main awkward blocks for your team. Even with all the expansions in technology connected to communication and productivity for distributed processes, efficiently handling a distributed personnel is still challenging. 
Here are some major challenges faced by distributed agile teams during their work. 
Lack of face-to-face interactions
The number one challenge faced by remote workers of a Software development company in Dubai is lack of communication in person, recent remote work survey reports. It also converts progressively more puzzling to build reliable interactions and effectively interconnect when you have a distributed team. Usually used text-based collaboration tools like email and chat apps make it problematic to judge co-workers’ reactions or feelings, catch nonverbal signals or identify body language. 
Disturbing environments for remote workers
Many workers in software companies in Dubai appreciate working from home, a coffee shop, etc. but some don’t want such distracting environments. There are a lot of distractions conflicting with your attention while in remote work surroundings like household chores, kids, naps, etc. Such disturbances can cause remote workers to delay and weaken their work-related results.
Productivity problems
One of the chief challenges of dealing with a distributed team is guaranteeing all staff complete their work on time, competently, and up to the company’s standards. Furthermore, poor communication, the absence of quantifiable goals, and accountability concerns can all upset the productivity of your team.
Time zone differences

Distributed Agile Software Development Services Company often consists of teams that include multiple time zones. This can create issues in scheduling team meetings or receiving fast responses from remote co-workers. When your co-worker stands thousands of miles away and holds varied normal hours, a simple task like quick interactions for projects turns into much more challenging.