Making Software Development More Affordable
Making Software Development More Affordable

Businesses leverage powerful software to catch up to or overcome the competition in various markets. Cutting-edge software are relied upon to drive and accelerate business growth. This led to the rise of many software development companies in Dubai. But for almost every business requiring powerful software, the overall budget seems to be a big concern. 

A software development process can get quite sophisticated depending on the nature of the expected solution and the scale of the business it servers. This means development costs may or may not skyrocket. This is why it's essential for businesses to communicate with the software development team and obtain a budget estimate from them. 

Though software development in Dubai is generally cheap, it doesn't mean the software developed would serve its purpose in a way that best benefits the business using it. Only experienced development firms can effectively minimize expenses of developing a software and build one that delivers on its promises. 

That said, let's explore the many ways how companies in Dubai offer affordable software development services. 

The potent combo of Agile + DevOps

Many software companies in Dubai have transitioned to the Agile methodology, leaving behind waterfall. Some of them have started practicing a DevOps approach in addition. The Agile - DevOps combo grants such companies greater development agility, improved software quality, and better product performance. DevOps facilitates better communication and collaboration between everyone involved in the development including developers, testers, and stakeholders. 

Manual and automated testing

Many companies in Dubai have started going for automated testing in addition to manual testing. Though this is an investment a few companies are reluctant to make, the practice is granting a lot of benefits to organizations willing to take the risk by reducing human errors considerably and assisting in faster completion of tasks. Automated and manual testing ensures great quality and performance for the final product while meeting client demands. It also streamlines the development lifecycle giving room for faster completion of the project without compromising quality. 

Launching the product with just the right features

Another cost-reduction strategy adopted by many companies is launching the product with just the essential features that define the product's usability. The developers' focus will be on the product's usability instead of visual impact. This helps the company adjust the development budget by determining what exactly the market demands and what they expect in the form of secondary features. 

The company will be able to add more features by releasing updates once the software starts garnering more users. It's best not to spend on features that don't provide a lot of value to end-users. 

Using open source software and tools

This is something many experienced developers recommend. Most open source technologies are free to use and devoid of licensing costs.  This is why many reputed developers use open source tools and technologies. Apart from the cost benefits, open source software and tools grant more flexibility and coding freedom to developers. They will get support from a large open source community as well should they encounter technical difficulties during development. This is why open source development services are still high in demand in the Middle East. 


These are but a few ways how development companies minimize the cost of development. They adopt the right technologies and development methodologies to reduce costs without compromising software quality and functionality. However, using a software for business growth is an investment. The truth is that the smaller the cost, the lesser the software quality.