PHP vs. ASP.NET: How to Choose the Perfect one for your next Development Project?
PHP vs. ASP.NET: How to Choose the Perfect one for your next Development Project?

PHP is an open source platform whereas ASP.Net is a Microsoft technology solution. PHP is a combination of programming language and a web framework while .NET is an application framework alone.

Now, let’s make a comparison on PHP & .Net on various criteria.

Speed & Performance

At first, one common fallacy about website performance and speed is that the choice of your coding language determines overall performance. But to be true, there is hardly any difference between the performance of PHP and ASP.NET websites.           

Both PHP and ASP.NET development services are similarly equipped to access file systems, search for images and view pages on a server and the speed of these executions depends on the database server, user’s computer and bandwidth etc. 

Having said that there some regular talks that ASP.NET is more elegant than PHP as a language. In a strict sense ASP.NET doesn’t allow for much irregularities in its code while still being executed.


ASP.NET and PHP web applications are highly scalable languages. The primary thing than language is the developer that you bring in. In that context you should consider the state of the business.

If you want to hire a chief developer or a team of efficient developers to build your website then you should turn to the best available expertise. While those who oppose PHP will point out to the fact that it, as a language, is more cumbersome than ASP.NET, this will reveal itself as a weakness of your website’s overall framework.       


As PHP is an open source language it can boast of a much larger developer pool than ASP.NET. But both have a very active developer community posting regularly on online forums. Hence adequate support is available.

The primary benefit here is that while both communities offer solutions to your queries, PHP offers much quicker solutions due to its larger developer pool.


Cost is the only area where PHP has a clear benefit over ASP.NET. PHP is an open source and hence freely available compared to ASP.NET which is a Microsoft technology solution and comes with a price.


The above comparison is sufficient to help you choose any one for your next web development project. If you are still not sure, you can always approach a company doing software development in Dubai.