Resolving Complex Codebases in a Software Company
Resolving Complex Codebases in a Software Company

Code complexity is an issue that occasionally shows up in the development phase. Companies usually rely on individual programmers to handle it. For the individual programmer, resolving code complexity can be quite tedious. Any reputed software development company in Dubai gives priority to the attention and dedication of a programmer as well during recruitment rather than assessing his skills alone. 

To resolve complex codebases, the programmer needs to combine the proper application of human intelligence with a good attention to detail, and dedication. Handling code complexity based on a broad solution suggested by the software engineering manager might backfire, as the issue is generally composed of various small projects that require detailed work from individual software developers. A single broad solution may not exactly fit many situations that need to be individually handled. 

So the software engineer will be spending a lot of time without getting the desired results i.e. a simple and maintainable codebase. 

So what can you do to overcome the challenge?

Teamwork, of course. The trick is to obtain data from individual programmers and then work with them to resolve the issues. 

Here’s what you can do as a manager in a Software Company in Dubai

Step 1: Have each individual software developer prepare a list of what they experienced while coding, which can include the portions that frustrated them most, confusions, where they found it difficult to optimize etc. This can take a couple of days, but have them explain it in their own way. This step serves to help you diagnose the problem.

Step 2: Organize a meeting with access to a computer with the complex codebase in question available in it, and have your team members be present with their lists. If the team is too big, the manager will have to group them as sub-teams. Figure out the systems, and go through the lists to get the directories, files, classes, or even a block of code to associate with the symptoms. 

The idea here is to figure out where in the codebase lies the problem, with the help of team members. 

Step 3: Using the data you gathered from the meeting, file a bug that explains the problem in detail for each file, class, directory, etc. that was named in step 2. List down the suggestions made to resolve the issue with emphasis on the problem.

Step 4: This step is for prioritizing which needs to be dealt with first. The issues that severely affect most developers should be given top priority. In some cases, the issues need to be fixed in a specific order. Forcing developers to fix issues out of sequence can do more harm than good, and might even make the code more complex. So consider suggestions from team members while everyone is present. 

Step 5: Once step 4 (which can take some time) is done, assign each bug to an individual developer. The key here is to get the appropriate team or sub-team to handle the codes with issues they are responsible for. In some cases, other teams can resolve the issues themselves. The safe gamble is to let appropriate teams responsible for the codes handle it.

Step 6: This step deals with addressing the bugs. The manager will have to decide when to address the filed bugs. The optimal way to go here is to have developers work on fixing the bugs and improving code quality along with their feature work. If your team has planned a period of time to complete the project, including some of the code cleanup strategies in that plan so the team can handle it effectively during the planned time. 

Make sure the code cleanup strategy doesn’t impede normal feature development. The focus should be on improving code quality over time regularly while feature development also progresses. For the good improvement in code developing a good software testing team can help you in it. You can decide on their services in two ways. One you can outsource it to a good Software Testing Companies in Dubai or you can build an in-house team.

Following these steps should make it easier to resolve code complexity challenges, but the subject still requires a detailed study. However, an experienced manager in an IT Software Companies in Dubai should be capable of making major improvements to the quality of the codebase fairly easily with a right sense of direction and planning.