Software Development Trends 2021
Software Development Trends 2021

We are encountering an astounding accelerating in the headway of advancement, how we use and depend upon it, particularly programming. Over 66% the overall economy will be deliberately based before the completion of 2021, according to IDC. It has been expected by Singularity Hub that the amount of Internet customers will twofold quite a while from now. It required 40 years to make the chief half billion applications, it will require only five years someplace in the scope of 2018 and 2023 to make the accompanying half billion also as shown by IDC. There are many Software Development Companies in UAE, many technologies and latest trends are used by these Software companies. Lets check out what are they.



During COVID-19, the greater part of the business endured intensely, though a modest bunch of enterprises. Cloud is the harbinger business, which really gets more grounded than at any other time during the pandemic. On the off chance that there were any uncertainty and vulnerability regarding Cloud appropriations, COVID-19 has cleaned that away. Many organizations are switching to Cloud Hosting Dubai.

Forrester anticipated Global Public Cloud IT framework market would develop to an incredible 120 Billion USD with 35% development in 2021. Regardless of which industry you are in (Government, Startups, Agriculture, Healthcare, Banking), plan Cloud relocation as the whole world moves to Cloud sooner than later. There will be a tremendous lack and popularity for Cloud-Native Engineers in 2021 and onwards. Cloud is not only used by the Software Companies in UAE it is accepted globally.

Artificial Intelligence

As one of the most sultry Technology lately, AI has additionally seen numerous discoveries in 2020. Another fascinating pattern is that AI gradually began to enter all areas with the trademark "artificial intelligence FOR ALL."


In the characteristic language handling space, GPT-3 was the greatest advancement that came in May 2020. The US organization made it conceivable to make human-like content utilizing Deep Learning. Solely after four months, the whole world was at the same time astonished and stunned when a Guardian Article was totally composed by a robot utilizing GPT-3.

Software Architecture

By 2021, the entire software architecture will exist side by side, because each has its own uses, advantages and disadvantages. I would recommend choosing micro services for large-scale enterprise, monoliths for small-scale development, no event servers, and fast loads.