5 Tips for Successfully Outsourcing Your Software Development Project.
5 Tips for Successfully Outsourcing Your Software Development Project.

Successful outsourcing is not a successful feat to achieve especially when problems incurred from outsourcing can cause a quarter of such partnerships with
Software Companies in UAE fail within two years some in five.

Here are the main reasons why software development outsourcing faces issues most of the time.

1.      Evaluate The Advantage And Disadvantages

To begin with, you need to ensure that all the critical aspects of outsourcing to avoid charging in without considerable information.  As a whole, successfully outsourcing a project brings down a company’s revenue significantly, since the expensive process of team building, choosing suitable candidates, and withholding them is non-existent. 

Outsourcing companies extend professional support for as long as possible; some even form long-lasting partnership with their service providers.

Despite the advantages there are a lot of IT outsourcing problems that still exist, for instance, tricky communication and data misuse. The success of the outsourcing project largely depends on the nature of the outsourcing project, its scope, your budget, timeline and expectations from project deliverables. So make sure to take into account these factors as well.


2.      Discover the Right Outsourcing Partner


The subsequent step towards successfully outsourcing your software development project is finding the right outsourcing partner.


Ensure that you have clarity on the following questions before making a final decision:


·         Would you like to work with a freelance or outsourcing Software Companies in UAE?


·         Would you like to work with someone located on a different time zone than yours? If so how will you manage the difference?


·         What are your needs? What are the basic criteria for your outsourcing partner?


·         Do you need an ongoing service? If so, will your partner be ready to offer them to you?


·         Are they a reputed individual/company? Have there been any legal issues?


·         How many projects have they completed successfully? Were their clients satisfied with the product and service?


3.      Be Clear With You Goals And Intentions


If you don’t have clarity in your goals, chances are that it will badly effect your outsourced project.

If you want to have a fruitful outsourcing relationship, it is important to have a good understanding of your projects scope and area. Make sure to communicate them to your partner in detail.


4.      Keep the Communication Channel Open


Communication is the chief issue faced by outsourcing companies. While working with offshore companies the language and cultural difference become an issue, because of misunderstandings and miscommunication in many situations.

Hence it is important to choose a partner that you can communicate with for seamless experience.

Also, have in mind that face-to-face communication would be more effective than emails.

Remember to do regular check-ins and provide sufficient feedback.


5.      Copyrights and Non- Disclosure Agreements


The most distressing aspect of outsourcing for many Software Companies in UAE is the misuse of sensitive information. Such situations demand the signing of a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or enclosing a clause in the written contract that determines the outsource work partner will take care of these problems.