What is SDLC?
What is SDLC?
What is SDLC?
Software Development Life cycle or SDLC is a methodical process for developing high-quality software that meets customer requirements. Each systematic phase of the SDLC follows unique techniques and deliverables that lead to the subsequent phase. 
How does the SDLC work?
Let’s now discover the various phases included in the Software Development Life cycle.
Requirement Gathering and Analysis
It is very essential to have a core understanding or knowledge of the product before the software development begins in the Software Development Companies in Dubai. During the first phase, all the significant information is collected from the customer such as the purpose of the product, what exactly the customer wants to achieve through the product, who will be the end-user, etc. Once the requirement gathering gets completed, an analysis is performed to check the feasibility of the Software Development in Dubai.
In this phase, the requirement gathered is used as an input to design the overall structure of the software.
Implementation or Coding
Once the design is ready, it gets implemented via coding in the software development company in Dubai. The Software developer converts software design into source code. All the modules of the software are executed during this phase.
Testing is initiated when coding gets finished. The developed software is tested and meticulously checked for defects and if found, it will be again assigned to developers to get them fixed. This process continues until the software is ready to meet the customer requirements. 
After the phase of testing, the software is deployed in the production environment or forwarded for the first UAT (User Acceptance testing) based on the customer prospect.
Maintenance of the software involves fixing the bugs or issues by the developers that may arise in the future, after the final deployment of the software product.