3 Factors to Effectively Manage Test Environments
3 Factors to Effectively Manage Test Environments

This is the age of artificial intelligence evidently. AI is transforming many major industries across the globe with each passing month, one of which being software testing. AI-driven automation testing is one of the latest trends in the software testing Dubai sector. 

Though the impact of AI-driven automation is still being validated, it nevertheless ends up promising great user experience for digital solutions. However, no technology can actually deliver expected results unless they are tested and evaluated in specific environments. This applies to testing as well. 

Generally, most development firms in the software development Dubai sector standardizes their testing environments to ensure high quality product delivery. If the environment isn’t effectively managed or standardized, it could result in setup issues and delay the testing process considerably. Essentially, the environment should be dynamic in nature as well as responsive and adaptive to sudden changes.

Here are 3 major factors to effectively manage test environments.

Data clean-up and maintenance

The test environment should be updated with fresh data-sets regularly. The environment can come of use frequently during end-to-end testing, which would generate old and new data. Hence, to speed up tests and to fill gaps in the data sets, regular clean-up and maintenance of data is vital. 


Every team requires resources. This is why it’s a good approach to virtualize environments which also makes the entire process cost-effective. Once a test process is done, testers will be able to share the components leveraged for the activity and build a different testing foundation for further testing. The virtualization can have a dedicated OS, database, and middleware that could all be optimized for use by other teams. The benefit is that resources can be shared effectively. 

Test automation

Every release cycle requires regression tests. Each regression test triggers an evolution of the testing environment, also introducing new frameworks. However, testers may still want to perform tests on similar environments with similar components. This is where automation can be of great benefit. 

Automation can use various frameworks to run the tests, consequently bringing more stability to the environment while reducing risks due to human errors. Automation essentially enhances the effectiveness of a test environment while reducing effort from testers considerably. 


Before approaching a company offering IT services in Dubai, it’s wise to interview them on their test environment management and project management policies. Automation is a relatively new trend in the sector. Companies that implement automation in their testing services may be able to deliver better results for your project.