Three Software Testing Methodologies Every Software Developer Should Know
Three Software Testing Methodologies Every Software Developer Should Know

It’s well known that any good software development in Dubai worth its salt will test their software before passing it on to the testing team or delivering it to a client. But how should they decide what to test and how to test. 

There are many software testing UAE methodologies available. Some require special tools whereas some require effective test design to make them more effective.

What is required is a set of methods that are really quick and easy to execute and that gives some amount of confidence in the software that’s passed on to the next level.

Method No 1: Experience based Testing

This is the widely used technique and is especially useful for developers who also provide customer support as well as designing updates for a product.

What is required in such a method is to look into past reported customer issues, defect logs etc. to analyze what may actually go wrong and how to solve them. 

Method No 2: Use Case Testing

A developer might have designed the software around use cases, so that there is already a set of use cases- a simple flow chart about all the items a use case should enable and items that should not be available- will provide a list of potential use cases that can be tested.

Method No 3: Decision Testing

Decision testing of the software development companies in Dubai code is the most detailed of all the methods. Checking every decision in the code and whether every decision in the code has been checked and that decision combinations come out as expected is part of the process. This method of Decision testing combines well with both use case and experience based testing.