5 Things You Should Know Before Software Testing Planning
5 Things You Should Know Before Software Testing Planning

Disciplined software development companies in UAE are well aware that software testing is just as intricate as software development. For the testing process to be effective, a good plan is vital. 

That said, let's go through 5 important things testers should be aware of before making plans for software testing. 

Understanding the vision of the client

It's different from understanding the product requirements and the client's business goals. In order to effectively convert client's business requirement to a deliverable, the team should understand the vision of the clients first. This helps the development and testing team gain perspective and prioritize development and testing modules based on business value. 

Some clients may require products with many functionalities, while others will need the software to have user-friendly interfaces for use by people who are not tech-savvy. In some cases, the clients may not be able to make the requirements clear at all. Understanding the client's mindset and vision can help the team plan the testing strategy accordingly.

Platforms & target devices 

The present day tech-market is flooded with numerous platforms and devices of different shapes and sizes - from laptops to tablets and smart wearables. They would of course have different hardware specifications. Such diversity makes it impossible for performing testing across each and every device before product release.

Hence, it's important to come to an agreement with the client on the platforms and devices that should be prioritized for testing. The software development Dubai sector recently saw an increasing demand for cross-platform applications. The complexity underlying such a project requires the testing team to get creative with their testing strategy and the modules & features they would want to prioritize in that strategy.

Devising a strategy & choosing the tools to go with it

Once the tester understands the client's vision and business need, he can pinpoint those features in the project that would be considered the most important. To test those aspects, the tester can then choose from a plethora of effective testing techniques. As not all testing techniques can be applied on a single project, this phase requires insights from the project manager and a senior tester with the experience. 

The data documented can then be used to craft a testing strategy that serves the end-goal. Once the strategy is crafted, the team can then work on discussing the right tools for the job - those that can give the kind of output they have in mind. If the testing process requires a lot of effort, the team can map points of interest that can be automated to considerably reduce the effort without affecting the outcome. This means, they'd need to zero in on the right automation testing tools as well. A well-documented strategy makes it all easier. 

Quality assurance

The quality assurance process depends on the size, scope, and assigned team roles of a project. The quality assurance process should cover the entire testing lifecycle of the project - from understanding requirements to creating and executing test scenarios, and verifying bug fixes.

Each phase of the quality assurance process will require effort from different combinations of the project team members, especially in an Agile development ecosystem. This trait makes it easier for the team to estimate an effort for quality assurance beforehand, and be prepared for unexpected delays with contingencies. 

Resource availability

When it comes to software testing Dubai, almost every testing company would drive their efforts based on the resources available. It's quite common. They devise a basic strategy depending on what they have. But, a more professional approach would be to devise a strategy first and then cross-reference it with the resources available. This can help the team tweak the plans accordingly while still not losing sight of the goal. Ultimately, the client should get a high quality product that met all their demands regardless of the resources put to use for testing.