6 Essential skills of a Manual Testing Engineer
6 Essential skills of a Manual Testing Engineer

QA test engineers are always in demand in every company offering software development services in Dubai but they struggle with their performances due to want of essential skills. Let’s examine some important skills that are essential for a manual tester. 

Analytical and Logical Capacity

Testing plays a key role in the software development cycle of every software company in Dubai. Before commencing on training a QA professional must posess analytical and logical skills that are crucial for testing. To execute the right testing process, a QA tester needs to understand the overall scenario in order to create a perfect solution. With the required analytical skills, a bigger problem can be broken down into smaller chunks, understand each one of them and their impact.

Strong Aptitude for Learning

A strong liking towards learning is a required skills for a QA engineer. You must have an ability to view the process into various parts, detailing each and every aspect and suggesting all possible improvements. In the world of software engineering, software development has a quick incremental growth process leading to many new testing techniques. Therefore a strong positive attitude towards upgrading knowledge and updating his skill set is necessary.

Understanding the Business Model

Behind the development of a software application or product, there is a clearly defined business model associated with it. A tester usually analyses the technical aspects of the software application after it has been developed, but to understand the real time business circumstances and associating it with the testing is crucial for every tester. Therefore the skills to understand the underlying business model is essential. Each system development is rooted on some user stories and their relationship with the system. If there is a clear picture on how users interact with the system and how it responds, you will be able to examine all the software functionalities in the right manner.

Test case Writing

Test case accuracy is highly dependent on the correctness of a test case. The most common and popular test case writing platform is a spread sheet. There are also other test management tools used for the same. The primary objective of writing a test case is building a SRS. Moreover, you need excellent communication with the development as well as the business team. This skill is of utmost importance for you to initiate a career as a manual tester because it assists in doing all positive and negative test case. A positive test case signifies a right output for all valid or correct input while a negative test case means for every wrong or invalid inputs there should be an error.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Having a clear picture of the software development cycle is important for QA testers employed in software testing companies in UAE. Using this knowledge, you can get an understanding of the overall software development process that will help you to address the many testing issues. To put it differently, for the effective performance of the testing job, one must understand the software development life cycle. Starting from the requirement stage to design and development, a tester can get enough information to understand the whole framework behind the product development and use this data while executing test cases. 

Documentation and Cross-Browser Testing Ability

In the lineup of software testing skills, another most important quality is documentation that helps to create a solid base for testing. With the requirement and time limitations, there should be a plan in place and create proper documentation of it so that testing process can be executed smoothly with the effective employment of all the available resources. 

Due to the availability of various browsers and a variety of devices, the need for testing professionals to have the skill to conduct all browser compatibility tests are important. These type of testing, application functionalities are tested on different operating systems as well as browsers. 


All QA testing engineers should have a set of common skills at the same time possessing their own unique style and a lot depends on the QA training they have done. Only a few of the skills required to become a manual test engineer is mentioned in this article, but there are a lot more to learn and acquire. But above all there should be a clear understanding of the situation and solving critical issues with out of box thinking.