Common Risks in Software Testing
Common Risks in Software Testing

The entire job of manual software testers is centered on risk mitigation. Avoiding or minimizing risks starts at the design phase for all software development companies. Can manual testing in Dubai best ensure minimum risk through testing and validation alone. How can system procedures avoid risk? Answers to these questions determine the quality of deployment.

1.Schedule Risk

The promised delivery date of the project gets pushed if room for risks and fall outs are not given due space. Risks in schedule occur due to the following causes

  • Estimation of delivery is done incorrectly.
  • Resource tracking is not carried out effectively. The resource compromises in systems, technical resources, employee capabilities.      
  • The complex functionalities are not identified and defined correctly and hence the estimation of completion is calculated incorrectly.  
  • The scope of the project has been expanded beyond capacity 

2. Budget Risk

  • Cost overruns
  • The scope of the project has been expanded beyond capacity 
  • Incorrect budget estimation

3.  Operational Risks

Operational risks occur due to system failures, inefficient processing, or unanticipated circumstances. 

Common Reasons of Operational Risks 

  • Important conflicts are not resolved correctly at the right time
  • Responsibilities have not been delegated and not settled properly
  • Inadequacies in resources, training, planning, and scheduling for the resources
  • Failures in communication between team members

4. Technical Risks

Technical risks arise due to inadequacies in performance and implementation of functionalities by the software development companies in Dubai.

Common Causes for Operational Risks 

  • The project requirements change frequently 
  • Access to technological advancement unavailable
  • Complicated Project Implementation
  • Laborious module integration


To avoid instances of failed software or systems, especially when huge amount of money, time and other resources are invested by the IT solutions company in Dubai, resources should be dedicated to avoiding risks through effective and efficient software testing.