Advantages of Early Software Testing Integration
Advantages of Early Software Testing Integration

For years, the potential of software testing was either dismissed or neglected by delivery teams and many development firms. But now, with the increasing adoption of agile, software testing Dubai is flourishing as its significance is finally visible. 

Back when the waterfall development methodology was prevalent, the QA team would only generally get involved in the process toward the end. There will be the pressure of debugging and releasing the product in time, and in most such scenarios, the product may not perform well in the market like it was expected to. Now almost every software development company in Dubai follow agile practices where testers have a bigger role. Software testing would be integrated much early in the development cycle. 

Here are a few advantages of early software testing integration.

Establishing local oversights

Experienced testers have an easier time identifying the sources and origins of logical errors in the product by thorough evaluation. They make sure the application under test meets both business needs and end user expectations. By integrating testing early in the cycle, developers can rely on the intuition of testers to identify things that they failed to notice before they become a serious problem.

Not many bugs to be concerned about

Even in an agile ecosystem, if the project manager decides to leave testing for the end of a sprint, the testers will have to work on identifying an entire sprint’s worth of bugs. Even if they manage to find it all, with this approach, the developers would end up having to rectify all the bugs the testers likely when the release date is close. In such scenarios, the developers may have to let a few low priority bugs slide. This, consequently, affects the end-user experience.

Early integration of testing bypasses this.

Testers will be updated on changing client expectations

In a software project, the team attempts to keep track of all the changes made to an application in terms of client expectations and requirements, business goals, bonus features, developers’ input etc. However, there can be mistakes or accidental omissions. This can hinder the effectiveness of testing as the testers may log a functionality change that they weren’t informed on, as errors. 

If the testers work in parallel to the developers from the beginning of the project itself, this risk is mitigated. The testers can also collaborate with the client along with developers from the beginning so they will be updated on the changing expectations and requirements of the client. 

Testers’ early feedback is crucial

Integrating software testing early can be beneficial to developers due to the fact that testers would become the first end-users to use the application from the beginning. Testers would be trying to see the application from an end-user’s point of view ensuring that it serves its purpose. The feedback from testers would help the developers make changes accordingly so the app performs the way it’s expected to when it’s in the hands of users. A reliable product would be the end result. 


Almost every reputed firm in the software development Dubai sector now integrates testing early in the cycle for these 4 benefits. It may sound trivial but the merits applies to even small-scale projects. Ultimately, the end goal is to make sure the app serves its purpose while providing a great user experience. Testers can help developers achieve this much easier if testing is integrated early.