How to Prevent Software Testing Congestion
How to Prevent Software Testing Congestion

When it comes to software testing each individual and each team in the software development companies in Dubai has the responsibility of ensuring the final product is exactly what is required and that it is delivered on time. But still there can be one team that will cause congestion and slow everything down- the software testing team. Although it is easy to blame the testing team it is necessary to recognise the high demands that the testing team faces daily. 

The Factors That Affect the Productivity of The Testing Team

Weak Test Prioritization

It is often human nature to do easy things first and push off the harder stuff to a later time. Software testing in UAE also is no different. But it is advisable in any situation to prioritize testing of high value and high-risk pieces first. Also, not depending too much on initial estimates of what is high priority and high risky things are also important. So, the solution is to attend to defects as it pops up and reevaluate the focus needs to be. 

Poor Dependency Management 

A major portion of what make software testing unpredictable is the so many dependencies piling up at the same time. Of course, this might not occur when dependencies are mismanaged it can result in unwanted downtime which can significantly slowdown the whole project. 

A few instances that software tests can be dependent on include

  • Project Requirements
  • Other tests
  • Test data
  • Test environments
  • Development Finalization
  • Code Quality

Productivity relies on knowing a team’s specific requirements, knowing how those dependencies are proceeding and managing those dependencies.

Mapping out and managing dependencies in a company providing custom software development Dubai where multiple teams are working on multiple projects, is easily said than done. There needs to be a process in place to track all team dependencies and highlight the ones that might cause a delay.

Bad Communication

Bad communications equate bad productivity. Emails, calls and meetings can be ineffective if not done with a purpose in mind. Hence it is essential to use a platform specifically for communication purposes that includes everybody’s ideas that can be kept in one location.

One suggestion would be to use tools such as Slack, while some teams may have built-in collaboration systems. What is important is that despite the tools used to communicate it should be ensured that all stakeholders are on the same page.