When to Opt for Manual Testing
When to Opt for Manual Testing

As the name suggests, manual testing in Dubai is performed manually with the intention of finding defects without the usage of tools or automation scripting. The test cases/ scenarios are done individually by testers.

With the shifting trends in software development, more and more software development company in Dubai prefer automated testing, but there are scenarios where manual testing is still required.

When to Opt For Manual Testing?

So, the issue that remains is to know when to exactly manual testing should be opted or which scenarios that coerce us go for this type of testing. Manual testing is done in the following scenarios:

 Adhoc Testing

Ad-hoc testing as the name suggests is performed without any proper planning and documentation. These are usually executed only once except in the instance of finding defects. Also, these are done after formal testing is done on the application. Also, they follow a non-structured approach as these tests are least formal. The only major factor required in Ad-hoc is the knowledge and insight of the tester about the application. Hence the success of Ad-hoc testing depends on the expertise of the tester.   

Usability Testing

Another use case where manual testing is employed is in usability testing. This because there are no tools to assess it for us. Usability tests are performed to assess how convenient, efficient and user-friendly the end product has turned out to be for the end-user. Here real users are required complete tasks and asked to document the problems and areas they experience confusion. If more users encounter similar issues, corrections will be made to address them during custom software development in Dubai

Exploratory Testing

When there is a lack of documentation and there are time constraints, in such instances, exploratory testing is employed. This required analytical skills and creativity of the tester as well as in-depth knowledge of the product.