4 Open Source Database Testing Tools You Should Know About
4 Open Source Database Testing Tools You Should Know About

A good majority of testing companies in the software testing Dubai industry leverage open source tools for effective testing. However, unlike most other areas, database testing lacks a good number of open source tools. 

Here are 4 open source database testing tools that could come in handy for testers who are tasked with testing databases. 

Database Benchmark

This is an open source .NET test tool designed for stress testing databases with large data flows. Database Benchmark can perform two main test scenarios for stress testing. They are:

  • Inserting a number of randomly generated records with sequential or random keys
  • Reading inserted records ordered by their keys

The tool finds its use in almost every software development company Dubai that employs a pair testing approach where testers and developers work in pairs to find and fix issues, when handling databases involved with their projects. Database Benchmark also features complex data generators, powerful reporting options, and graphic visualization capabilities. It can work well with popular databases including MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB etc.

Database Rider

Database Rider can bring DBUnits closer to JUnit tests making database testing much easier. It packs many useful features including:

  • JUnit rule to integrate with DBUnit via annotations
  • YAML, JSON, XML, XLS, and CSV support
  • Configuration via YML files
  • Cucumber integration
  • Multiple database support

It can be used with all JDBC-supported databases. 


An open source tool usable with Ant, DbUnit is a JUnit extension which can be used on database-driven projects. One of its main benefits is that it puts database into a known state between test runs. This feature helps avoid problems that arise when one test case corrupts the database consequently causing the following test cases to fail. With DbUnit, you can also import and export database data from and to XML datasets. In addition, it helps testers verify that their database data match an expected set of values, and can work with all JDBC-supported databases. 


HammerDB is used as a database load testing and benchmarking tool, and is automated. As it’s also multi-threaded and extensible with dynamic scripting support, the open source tool is becoming popular amongst many growing software testing companies in Dubai. HammerDB includes built-in workloads based on standard benchmarks. It targets popular database platforms like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL etc.