Top 3 Open Source Manual Testing Tools For 2020
Top 3 Open Source Manual Testing Tools For 2020

Manual testing involves the process of finding bugs or defects in a software program. A tester manually executes the test cases by taking on the role of an end user and verifies if all the features are working as expected. As the tester takes up a key role in this type of testing the success of exploratory manual testing depends heavily on the domain expertise of the tester.

Here are a few tools for manual software testing to look out for in 2020 for the UAE market.

1. Selenium

Selenium is an open source portable framework that can be used to test web-based applications and can be tested across different web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. The test can also be carried out on different operating system such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The key feature of Selenium is that it is a cloud-based testing platform which helps testers record their actions and export them as a reusable script.

Selenium strips can also be integrated with Test Ng for managing test cases and generating reports. It can also be integrated with Mavens, Jenkins to achieve continuous testing.

Other features of Selenium include language support for several languages like C, C++, Python, Java, Ruby, C#, Spark etc. parallel execution which reduces time and improves efficiency of test cases. 

2. Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter is Java open source software that is used as a load testing tool for analysing and measuring the performance of a variety of services by software development companies in UAE. Often performance is overlooked while testing and the pitfalls are realised only post-delivery of the product.

Performance is critical especially for web and mobile applications where there is a large user strength to cater to and this is where the Apache JMeter comes into play. Although designed for performance testing JMeter also supports other non-functional tests such as stress testing, distributed testing, and web service testing.

JMeter has comprehensive GUI which helps to create test plan and configure the test scenario as required.

3. Test Link

Test-Link is another widely popular web based open source test management tool used for software development in Dubai. It integrates both requirement specification with test specification. 

An account with multiple users and different user roles can be created using Test-Link and admin users can assign the test cases. It also supports both automated and manual execution of test cases.

Since it is web-based tool all users can access its functionalities simultaneously with their credentials and assigned roles.

With Test-Link test reports can be generated in various formats including excel, MS Word and HTML formats within fraction of time. Moreover, it also supports integration with many popular defect tracking systems like JIRA, MANTIS, BUGZILLA, TRAC, etc.