Where Software Testing is Headed to This Year
Where Software Testing is Headed to This Year

The emergence of new technologies and the rapid, consistent evolutions of widely-adopted existing technologies both influence the growth and demand of various IT services across the globe. In the last few years, many software development companies in Dubai became operational while many others closed up shop. The technological advancements impact even the way software testing is done. 

At present, software testing is currently undergoing a transformation which shifts the fundamental focus and purpose of testing itself. Rather than identifying and rectifying bugs, testing is shifting its primary focus to ensuring the satisfaction of a product’s end users. This is treading on the lines of QA. 

The software testing Dubai sector demands testers who know their way around new-gen technologies and, is keener on investing in test automation. There are even more interesting trends that are changing what we know as ‘software testing’ from the inside out. 

Here are 3 such trends and how they are reshaping the future of software testing.

Database testing

This trend ensures that the quality of the data involved with a product remains uncompromised. The tester is given another responsibility to check the integrity of the database, the accuracy, consistency, conformity, and duplication of the data. With big data gaining momentum, we can expect software testing to handle larger datasets with ease facilitating more efficient database testing.

IoT testing

The Internet of Things slowly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. As more connected devices emerge, testers will have their work cut out for them to test the quality of those devices which is easier said than done. For IoT testing, testers are required to check everything from usability and compatibility to security and performance of IoT devices so as to ensure their quality. 

Quality engineering

Powerful new technologies are accelerating digital transformation amongst businesses. For example, the advent of the cloud triggered extensive digital transformation in many enterprises across various industries. Azure, one of the most popular Microsoft technology solutions, now powers thousands of businesses across the globe enabling them to transform to better versions of themselves. 

As modern businesses undergo intense digital transformation, the importance and purpose of QA changes as well. Quality Assurance is slowly becoming Quality Engineering. QE gets more IT budget than QA ever did. It encourages test automation and grants greater test coverage. Quality is essentially engineered and not simply ‘assured’.


Testing is certainly headed to major changes that will significantly transform the landscape. This means testers have to invest in enhancing their skillsets, mastering automation, and understanding new technologies and trends.